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Judge Kimberly Ann Moore, joined by Judge Kara Farnandez Stoll, wrote for the court that “[t]here are words and images that we do not wish to be confronted with, not as art, nor in the marketplace.

The First Amendment, however, protects private expression, even private expression which is offensive to a substantial composite of the general public.” It is a worthwhile policy debate to ask whether or not it is good for our culture to open the marketplace to vulgar trademarks.

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In his concurring opinion, Judge Timothy Dyk wrote that he would limit “the immoral-scandalous provision’s scope to obscene marks in order to preserve its constitutionality.” Judge Dyk’s approach may have comforted those who would rather keep nasty products from coming soon to a store near them.In order to restrict speech based on its content, the government must prove that its restriction is “narrowly tailored” to advance “a compelling interest.” The court found that the government’s only asserted interest for prohibiting “immoral or scandalous” trademarks was “protecting public order and morality”—and that did not pass muster.The court also wrote that the provision could not pass the lower standard, established in Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation v.Falls Sie Störungen an die Technische Zentrale melden möchten, rufen Sie dazu bitte unser Onlineformular auf.Bitte beachten Sie, dass hier gemeldete Störungen zwar mehrmals am Tag abgerufen werden, dass aber einige Zeit zwischen Ihrer Meldung und der Weiterleitung an die zuständigen Techniker vergehen kann.

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